Testing Mamiya c330

First roll with Mamiya c330, as I'm getting used to its weight and functions, the Mamiya is becoming my favorite camera for my street/documentary work.

Internship time!!!

Day one of my internship at Mary Ellen Mark studios, she's an amazing photographer and it's a huge honor to be given the opportunity to work with some one who has been in the business for almost three decades. Mary Ellen is an important landmark in the history of documentary photography. The experience I will earn during this internship I'll take with me forever.
Some of Mary Ellen's inspiring photographs


Fun fact : Mary Ellen Mark did the promo shots for the Alice in Wonderland movie!

Found summer

I had some unknown film in my Nikon F, processed it and found some great summer memories. Winter go away already!

Accidentally opened the back of the camera thinking I winded all the film. Lesson learned. But I do like how both photos work together. Nice diptych.

I guess the more you try to look invisible you actually raise your chances of being picked to stand in the line.

Nikon F 35mm
Portra 400NC