About me

My name is La Verne but everyone calls me Verne, I'm a LAGCC student majoring in Commercial Photography, I hope to attend SVA by the Fall or next Spring. I dream to become a traveling photojournalist capturing the world with my camera. I love the look, depth and quality of film..it has a "feel" to it that digital can never add enough megapixels to capture. And I wish for Polaroids to return, my sx-70 has been collecting dust. I mostly shoot with my Hasselblad 500c/m which is my pride and joy. I have a Nikon F as my "compact" tag-along, and a Pentacon six TL for the days I choose not to use the Hassy. I hope to buy a Rolleiflex or Mamiya TLR in the near future. I'd like to build a collection of vintage cameras and test every one of them.

Contact: Verne@verneb.com