LIC (Long Island City)

Just some bits from my class project...
My first time developing B+W 120 film...very excited to try other film types.
Hasselblad 500 c/m
Delta 400 and delta 100.

Met these guys on the day I was shooting, I told them act like I'm not there, and they started the funniest conversation ever. I felt like I really knew them.

Light leak or problem during development.

Dominican men playing softball. They told me that they come all the way from the Bronx to play in this park because they don't have the resources in their neighborhood. Kind of sad, really.

Kid running in front my shot. Don't worry kid, you actually made it better. Reminds me of this old pic I took in 2007.

Coolest taxi man ever, gave me a ride to the train station for free. He saw I was melting into the sidewalk with my 50 pound hasselblad.

On the way.

Took 2 rolls of black and white using my Hassy yesterday, for my school project. I never used B+W with my hasselblad so I'm very anxious to develop and see what the results are. I should develop them in class come back to see if I put anything up!


Be You.


Brooklyn Heat

We got our first stroke of real heat last Saturday, boy was it hot. But where did it all go?! Such a teaser. Ya, that's me in the last pic. I don't like my photo taken too much, I'll let this one slide.

Nikon F
Ilford Pan F 50


I like to take pictures at the most natural times, especially during conversations. The subject is comfortable and at ease. Doing something they do everyday. I can't stand posed photos, or anything that looks like the photographer tried too hard and said "Okay, now smile, turn left, look over there". Usually if I'm out shooting and I have someone I'm interested in capturing, I let them know I prefer that they do not look into the camera, pretend I'm not here. We talk, I listen, I nod, I talk, and I press the shutter. And they're unaware that I'm intensely studying their every action, like a lion eyeing that baby elephant..watching..anticipating their next movement. I'm an avid follow of Henri Cartier Bresson (though I'm not nearly on his level of brilliance)..."compose and wait"..

Nikon F
Ilford FP4 PLUS 125

Throwback fav

Found an old goodie in some lost files. Taken on the set of a music video where I had the opportunity to be the behind-the-scene photographer. I think it was in '07. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. His face tells so many stories.
Does anyone know this guy? I'd like to have a mini-shoot with him.

Couldn't help it

I know this blog is solely for my photos of my everyday ventures, but I just couldn't help but post this awesome video!!
No more vids I promise!

Mr. Hassy, je t'aime

Shot on Monday or Tuesday, when it was raining like insane. In a cab, to a destination.

Hasselblad 500c/m
kodak portra 400nc

Self - portrait

A hasselblad self-portrait, with that mysterious light leak.

In & Around Union Square

Shot using Hasselblad 500cm, Fujipro 160

I'd take these dogs on the spot, if my mother wouldn't burst a blood vessel.

As always, much more on my flickr page.

Prospect Park

Nikon F
Ilford Delta 100

I prefer to shoot in color. But I love how using Black and White film makes me sort of think more. I look at a scene and I'm like wow these colors I have to capture but then I realize the film in my camera is Black and White so I think wait, the colors won't show so how can I capture this seen in a way that shows how I see it, but twisted in a way that you wouldn't have to think "I'd like to see this in color". Does that makes sense? Probably not. Better explained in person. It's something I'm going to work on, since I'm a color fiend. Enjoy.

Dumbo we go.

Elle and I visited Dumbo, brooklyn, with my Nikon F. Bought these awesome opera binoculars from this vintage flea market. Now I don't have to ask someone what the next street is. Can't really remember what film I used, I don't think I like it too much though, it gave off inconsistent color casts which I had to try to fix up in Photoshop. And I have that stupid Adobe Elements crap, can someone please hook me up!!

I put up my favs here, much more on my flickr page.