Here you go.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Hasselblad 500cm, Kodak 400NC and Fujipro 400H

No using without permission of course.
I'm always happy to share, just ask me first and give credit.


I went to prospect park today and I was humbled by it's beauty. Here this amazing thing in the middle of the confusion of Flatbush. It's definately the diamond in the rubble. It holds the skeletal remains of my beloved pets (a hamster and a ferret), and the memories of budding love, summertime BBQs and family cricket games, island men gambling and african drummers throbbing.The sun sets so perfectly, casting a gold tone on the shimmering waters. The lake's surface is gently broken by the gliding ducks, leaving a V-stream behind them. Everything for those moments seemed all right. All the grass and trees are still brown and I'm going to be a bit sad when it turns green again. The muted fall-like colors makes me feel at peace, for some reason. Annnd, I met a very friendly and very beautiful white swan. She/he was literally 1 feet in front of me, the only thing separating us was a border of stone that kept her safe in a murky home. I took lots of photos of our encounter with my hasselblad, I'm going tomorrow to develop them, I hope it came out how I saw it with my eyes. It is possible the shots might not come out at all, I've been having trouble with my film magazine and when I open up the back to retrieve the film, the frames are still exposed. [insert long Sigh here]. I'm trying more and more to interpret a scene on film as accurately as possible. I find that easier said than done though. As for now, I'm going to take more afternoon trips to the park, and get closer and closer to some ducks. Maybe scale a tree or two and get a good view. The rebel in me.

Nikon F

Finally took my Nikon F for a stroll. I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality of this camera. Here's some of my favorite shots taken today, much more are on my Flickr account.

The photos are of a cool kid babysit, the rest are taken around Union square of this magician guy, he was pretty good, gave him a buck. I'm sure he makes more money than me though. If you think about it, he makes about $10-15 each "show" and a show will last about 15 mins, so that's 4 shows in an hour, approximately. Do that for about 6 hrs and this guy packing more than $300 at the end of the day! It's good (and cheap) entertainment, but I can't help but feel a bit suckered.

Anyway, everything was shot in one day, I was very excited to see what the pictures would come out like, I even ordered matte prints with white borders. It's actually my 2nd or 3rd time ever doing prints. I think I'm going to go though my stacks of negatives and order more prints. I hope my Hasselblad doesn't get jealous. Still nothing beats a Hassy, IMO.

Fujicolor 400H