LIC (Long Island City)

Just some bits from my class project...
My first time developing B+W 120 film...very excited to try other film types.
Hasselblad 500 c/m
Delta 400 and delta 100.

Met these guys on the day I was shooting, I told them act like I'm not there, and they started the funniest conversation ever. I felt like I really knew them.

Light leak or problem during development.

Dominican men playing softball. They told me that they come all the way from the Bronx to play in this park because they don't have the resources in their neighborhood. Kind of sad, really.

Kid running in front my shot. Don't worry kid, you actually made it better. Reminds me of this old pic I took in 2007.

Coolest taxi man ever, gave me a ride to the train station for free. He saw I was melting into the sidewalk with my 50 pound hasselblad.

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