DIY Mother's Day present.

Happy Mothers Day!!!
I still think it's a very Hallmark holiday, and most people miss the small stuff and decide to go above and beyond and buy things that will probably be useless in a matter of months.
So I figured to scratch the perfumes and gift certificates and spas and get her something a bit more long-term and well, inexpensive. Some photographs! So I snatched up my pet ferret and my pet sister and hurried to Prospect Park to take some "family" shots and frame them for my mom. I took my Hassy with me and my Polaroid sx-70 (RIP my other sx-70 which uh, ahem Geena Whyte stole) and headed to prospect park which is conveniently located 3 blocks from my home. And why don't I go there as often again?
Yes so, below are the polaroids, I was going to give em as mini gifts to my mom also but I'm a bit attached to them, she'll just get the pics from my Hassy (will be developed soon).
I didn't expect my sx70 to work so well, it's missing the ND filter so I cranked the brightness/darkness setting all the way to dark and crossed my fingers. But the pictures I'm very pleased with...


My favorite in the set, this captures perfectly her Curious George personality.

Falling asleep.

I gave her a million directions on how to take my photo. Someone told me that many photographers do not like their photo taken because they believe no one else can capture them as how they'd like to be captured, I stand by that reasoning.

I asked this cute Russian couple to take my picture, with the language barrier I couldn't explain how to press the shutter halfway until it focuses and then press it all the way, well he figured it out while the camera was facing down. Hehe.

I plan to go to the park more often, with ferret in tow, on Sundays they have the African drummers that bring together the most diverse and friendly crowed I've seen in Brooklyn. Excited, yes I am.

(None of these images were edited in any way, I feel sorta naughty for editing my polaroids, even my film)

2 thoughts:

Niika said...

those pics are pretty cute..

very thoughtful gift for ya mum

Verne B said...

and cheap too!